Area REquirement

To conduct loading and unloading operations without interference from adjacent activities, mobile machinery, equipment, and employees, a designated area will be established where practical.

The designated area will be clearly marked and sign‐posted as a restricted area. All employees operating within the confines of this area must wear a high visibility vest or like clothing, which clearly delineates them from other employees.

Mobile equipment such as forklifts and lifting equipment will be designated for use within the confines of this area and, therefore, be restricted to use within this area only.

The designated areas will as a minimum have, but are not limited to having, the following control mechanisms in place:

  • Segregated work areas ‐Through the use of barrier tape.
  • One way roads ‐ through the implementation of adequate signage and designated employee training.
  • Designated personnel ‐ Through recruitment, selection, and training only authorized personnel will be allowed to enter the designated loading and unloading area.
  • Specific personal protective equipment (PPE) ‐ Standard PPE requirements and in addition a specific high‐visibility vest.
  • Semi‐permanent facilities ‐ This includes the use of scaffolding to create a number of both stationary and mobile semi‐permanent loading docks, access ways, and working areas, with full handrails and anchor point system, for use with vehicles such as transports and the like.
  • Sleepers/ Separators‐ Use while stacking or unloading material to facilitate safe slinging/ dis slinging and prevent injuries.

All of the above facilities, equipment, and safe work practices form the basis of a restricted area where only authorized personnel are allowed. These personnel will be trained in the systems and administrative controls used, as well as tested for competency in the use of designated equipment such as cranes, forklifts, and EWPs.

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