Deputy Manager- Environment, Health & Safety (Kolkata -RO)

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Ensuring compliance of local regulations regarding transportation and workplace safety.
•Reviewing competency structure for drivers, MHE operators and Warehouse operation.
•Assuring drug and alcohol program is compliant with regulations with respect to transportation.
•Work with maintenance vendors to assure PM compliance.
•Regular audits of the workplace
•Monitor site safety performance as per ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015
Overseeing and implementing the elements of an OMS. Including co-ordination of reporting, investigation, documentation and management of incidents.
•Review accident file contents for accuracy and documents needed.
•Gate keeper for accident preventable decisions.
•Assure proper accountability is delivered for preventable accident.
•Maintain Warehouse and logistics -comprehensive & accurate monthly report containing appropriate matrices.
•Provide monthly scorecards which include safety statics and activities
Developing materials and conducting training for drivers in the implementation of the Transportation Safety Management System
•Assure in vehicle driver training is completed with every active driver
•Assure load securement training is completed with every active driver
•Assure all active drivers are trained in proper mirror placement principles
•Assure all active drivers are trained in close quarter maneuvering principles
•Assure all MLL Safety standards are in place
Mentoring the competency in safety management practices, protocols and procedures
•Create an overall Defensive Driving Training compliance
•Communicate the accident management protocol for Warehouse and Logistics for area and local managers.
•Drive the safety standards at site
•Ensure the safety legal compliance
Monitoring Basic Scores to address trends and drive performance.
•Monitoring Monthly Safety Leading and lagging indicators.
•Weekly Safety report
•Monthly safety report
•New Safety initiatives

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