Electric Safety – Safety Precautions for Portable Power Tools

  • Disconnect power line connections before accessories are changed on tools.
  • Replace guards in position before tool is used again.
  • Do not leave a tool at overhead place where there is a chance of fall of it if someone pulls cable.
  • Lay the electric cables of tools in such a way that it does not present stumbling or tripping hazards. Suspend the cables over aisles or work areas wherever possible.
  • Do not hang the cables over nails, bolts or sharp edges. Keep them away from oil, chemicals and hot surfaces.
  • Provide proper scaffolding or safe work platform wherever required.
  • Protect eyes and ears while using explosive cartridge equipment.
  • Use insulating platforms/rubber mats and rubber hand gloves to provide additional safety from electrical shock while working with electrical operated portable tools in wet locations e.g. tanks, boilers and wet floors.
  • Give power supply to all portable power tools through ELCB of appropriate rating.
  • Ensure that all tools contain a non‐conductive handle.
  • Use double insulation type tools.
  • All tools should be effectively grounded.


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