IS 13583-1 (1993): Cranes – Training of drivers, Part 1: General _ practical program

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Practical programme
Operating exercises
  1. Use of controls, operating aids and monitoring instruments 
  2. Executions of movements one by one, with no load. then loaded
  3. Combination of two movements with no load, then loaded 
  4. Reduction of load swinging
  5. Combination of three or four movements 
  6. Site travelling. no load., then loaded (as appropriate)
  7.  Crane preparation and travel by road 
  8. Exercises with targets to develop the faculties of 
  • the evaluation of distances in space
  •  the accuracy of load picking-up and placing 
  •  the speed of travel in space 
  • the search for optimal time of handling cycle 
  1. Operation when the load is out of the driver’s sight (with signalman or with radio communication) 
  2. Driving various cranes of the same family 
  3. Operation with interference from a fixed obstacle or from another crane 
  4. Driving from the ground for types of crane where this is applicable 
Handling exercises (load picking-up and placing) 
  1. Handling of common loads (crates, containers, pallets, skips, etc.) 
  2. Handling of 
  •  long and flexible loads 
  • high loads 
  •  loads with large horizontal area 
  • loads with large vertical area
  1. Handling of loads with specific attachments 
  2. Exercises in load slinging and guidance 
  3. Communication exercises by hand signals and radio 
Exercises In use, tests, maintenance and emergency situations
  1. Jacking and start-up of the crane and checking the environment 
  2. Start-up and shut-down procedures 
  3. Regular inspections (brakes, safety devices and load state monitor) 
  4. Change in reeving 
  5. Change of lifting attachments 
  6. Lubrication and level checks 
  7. Safe escape

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