IS 13583-1 (1993): Cranes – Training of drivers, Part 1: General_ Theoretical 2

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Theoretical programme part 2
  1. Driver’s cabin (access, safety and features contributing to the driver’s comfort) 
  2. Control and monitoring equipment
  3. Driving aids (indicators and interference detector)
  4. Operation from the ground (by cable or radio control) 
  5. The proper lJS@ of movements and of their combinations
  6. Distance estimation and marking
  7. Appropriate driving of the various mechanisms to obtain maximal output
Theoretical programme part 3
  1. Hand signals (direct or relay signalling) 
  2. Radio communication 
  3. Control assisted by video circuit 
Materials handling
  1. Slinging equipment (rules for use)
  2. Load lifting attachments (rules for use)
  3. Manual load guidance 
  4.  Loads (evaluation, centre of gravity, balance, influence of wind) 
  5. Common handling operations (turning over a load) 
  6. Handling a load with more than one crane 
  7. Personnel transport
Inspection, maintenance and incident
  1. Using the documentation 
  2. Regular inspections and inspections prior to Operation
  3. Reports on malfunctions 
  4. Actions in case of malfunctions or failure of drive power ( how to lower the load)

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